Get to school every day and make your learning count!

When you do, you are setting yourself up for future success and the future you want and deserve.
Student hugging Columbus Crew mascot

Get to school every day to stay in the Game! Here’s how:


First, take the Attendance Pledge and encourage your friends to take it, too!

Take the Attendance Pledge as a first step in demonstrating your commitment! Share the link with friends and family and tell your school district that it’s time to get serious about attendance.

Then, track your attendance

One of the most important things you can do—and it’s an easy step—is track your attendance and know how much school you have missed. To help you keep track of your absences, we have developed an attendance tracker.

Remember, being on time and in all your classes = More time learning, being with friends, enjoying activities and getting help you might need.


Finally, don’t forget to share your commitment with others!

By hanging up a poster or putting a yard sign at your house, you are helping to spread the word about the importance of attendance.

Discover how Stay in the Game! gave a Shaker Heights Middle School student an unforgettable opportunity

Attendance resources for students