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SITG! has been embraced by students, teachers, caregivers, and community supporters and they are pleased to share their attendance success stories. Check out some below and share yours today!

My daughter, Nicole, graduated in May 2019 with perfect attendance for her entire schooling from Canton City Schools (Timken Early College Program/Canton McKinley HS). She NEVER missed a day of school from Kindergarten-12th grade. She set this goal for herself when she was in first grade, and continued to achieve it each and every year of school. She is extremely proud of this accomplishment. She now attends The University of Mount Union, where she is continuing to have perfect attendance at college as well. I feel she is a true role model to other students.
Amy Y.

Parent, Canton City School District

Our story starts day 1! We treat students right. We greet them! We smile! We ask about their weekends, families and hobbies! We engage them in the classroom! We give them opportunities, future options and goals! Finally we treat students with respect! This is the formula for positive attendance and positive education outcomes!!

Tim C.

Educator, Upper Valley Career Center

We have struggled with chronic absenteeism on campus with rates that exceeded 25% of our student body last year. We launched the Stay in the Game campaign on campus to help generate more awareness around attendance. It was a natural fit by connecting our students with athletes who are already their role models in many ways beyond the classroom.

Dustin W.

Educator, KIPP Columbus

I have made class more fun and engaging so that students look forward to coming to math everyday! One fun thing I did recently was set a volleyball net up in my classroom and we played a math version of volleyball involving fractions.

Samantha F.

Educator, Akron Public Schools

My students are second graders in a classroom called, “The Sea of Success”! Everyday when we have perfect attendance, students get to add a piece to our mermaid themed “Mr. Potato Head”. When the mermaid is finally complete with all of her pieces and accessories, we celebrate with a class party of the student’s choice! This daily activity takes very little time, but makes a BIG impact, and motivates the students so much. They closely monitor attendance in the classroom and immediately inform me when we have earned another “piece of the potato”! The excitedly cheer and clap each day as we build our potato head together! This mermaid potato serves as a great visual reminder that together, we can get to school everyday, and make it happen!!!

Cristina S.

Educator, Cleveland Metropolitan School District

Everyone Monday – we recognize student on the morning announcements. The students who struggle to attend daily as also staying on top and improving their attendance to stay in the green zone. We even implemented buy back days for students who have missed days and trying to recover. The kids are so excited and our really buying into the pledges they took. We dedicate every Monday to Stay in the Game and wear our shirts and Browns gear. We are so thankful for this initiative and love to see how excited the students are to be recognized.

Jill F.

School Staff Member, Garfield Heights City Schools

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