Apply to become a Learning District or a Planning District

Ready to show up for students? Here’s what your district needs to be part of the Stay in the Game! Network:

A commitment to increasing school attendance & alignment on action

District leadership and staff that are ready to engage

A foundation of data-driven decision making

Your district is a trusted partner in your community

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Campaign Readiness Checklist

Your district currently: Believes that school attendance is a top priority. Demonstrates a long-term commitment and philosophy for action. Aligns with the SITG! Network framework for developing a community and data-centered plan.
Your superintendent and staff: Approve the Stay in the Game! partnership. Empower building of an attendance team or embedding attendance as a priority into the work of an existing team. Designate a project manager to do the work, including the bandwidth and authority needed. Has the infrastructure to rally staff and create champions of the campaign at the district and school level. Have an open mind for change and are prepared to transform thinking across all levels of their district.
Data is key to running a successful attendance campaign: Districts already collect baseline data to set goals and consistently track, analyze, and measure attendance progress. Districts revise programming based on data insights.
Trust is critical, your district already: Demonstrates credibility with community members and transparency in its communications. Share program results with partners and/or the public regularly.

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