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Dynamic statewide movement and learning network designed to dramatically improve student attendance

Launched in 2019 by the Cleveland Browns Foundation, Ohio Department of Education and Workforce and Harvard’s Proving Ground, the Stay in the Game! Attendance Network, managed by Battelle, works together to campaign, connect and convene with experts and supporters to dramatically improve attendance. Are you ready to get in the game?

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Everyday attendance matters more than you think

Consistent school attendance is the foundation for student success. Even missing a few days a month can have a lasting impact on learning. 30% of Ohio students miss almost 20 days of school a year, and research shows that missing just two days a month can leave kids trailing on foundational learning and social skills.

Students who have never been chronically absent are:

6.7x  more likely to read on grade level by the end of third grade

9x  more likely to graduate from high school on time and go on to college and career
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Why attendance in Ohio matters

Improved attendance has broad based benefits

Including engaged learning, mental health, and positive impacts on families and communities.

When schools, families, students and communities come together to address the whole range of issues that impact attendance, we can keep our kids in the game for future success.

We all win when our students stay in the game and succeed

Ohio will have a stronger talent pool to drive our economy, families can realize the goals they have for their children, and students will be prepared for the future.

Our goal is to have more than 90% of Ohio students attending school more than 90% of the time

The Network has identified four core strategies to get there:

    1. Create a statewide attendance movement
    2. Develop partnerships
    3. Build a dynamic peer-to-peer learning community
    4. Identify and elevating proven and promising practices

See how Stay in the Game! helps students succeed

Our Founding Partners

Our leading partners founded the network in concert with school districts to make sure our schools have teammates in this critical work.

Districts & Educators

Strong school attendance takes a team

Attendance needs support from all levels. From district and school leaders promoting a sense of belonging, to teachers making learning engaging, and communities investing in parent and student well-being, everyone has a role to play to improve attendance.

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Students, Families & Community Members

Pledge to Stay in the Game and Keep Learning Everyday!

Take the attendance pledge as a first step in demonstrating your commitment to help Ohio students to stay in the game! Share the link with friends and family to tell your school district that it’s time to get serious about attendance.

The Stay in the Game! attendance campaign has provided opportunities in our district to highlight and focus on attendance in a fun and engaging way. Our students know when we say to “Stay in the Game!” that means to come to school and “Stay in the Game!” while they are here.

Gina W.
– Family and Civic Engagement, Garfield Heights City Schools

The Stay in the Game! campaign has definitely raised awareness of all stakeholders in the Euclid community. We in Euclid love not only educating our families about the importance of attending school daily but also rewarding those who show improvement and of course those who take pride in being in school every day!

Jerimie A.
– Attendance & Residency Coordinator, Euclid City Schools

Our Impact

Districts, students and families are working together on attendance. The Stay in the Game! Attendance Network has grown to 50+ member school districts throughout Ohio representing nearly 230,000 students annually through attendance supports and interventions.

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